Rent me from £0.99p an hour

Tired of Expensive Car Hire or Poor Quality Cars on Car Sharing platforms.
Sign up now to our subscription based mobile app car hire service.
Drive when you want! return your vehicle when you want! All for £0.99p an hour for every hour your trips running.
Think.... zip car without the hidden costs oh yea! You can return the car in many of our home spaces.
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                                                                                 Why choose us.....

Smart Move

Choose a package that suits your driving needs.(Billed monthly) No Excess Mileage charges. Need an additional driver, Baby seat? no problem. Simply Pay your monthly membership fee. You will be billed for every hour your journey is running.

Smart Money

Rent a car for as little as £0.99p an hour! Yes drive for as little as one hour. Providing you can return the car to one of our home spaces to end your trip.

Smart Park

End your trip in one of our home spaces free of charge. If a smart park space is closer pay a one TIME charge of £5.00 drop the car,  and we will sort the rest.

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£30 per month
30 hours of driving @ £0.99 per hour
100 miles per day
no deposit
we are only offering boost package currently


£50 per month
50 hours driving @ £0.99 p/h
250 miles per day
Drive abroad
Congestion charge exempt
Four-seater option
we are only offering boost package currently


£100 per month
Unlimited hours @ £0.99 p/h
Park anywhere
Four-seater option
Unlimited mileage
Drive Abroad
Access other vehicles
we are only offering boost package currently
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Join our eco-friendly, smart community

Our cars are ultra low emission so you’ll have peace of mind when travelling around urban areas.

Smart Search

Find a smartcar near you at anytime, and reserve instantly. Unlock the car with your app and go!

Smart Park

Choose from thousands of carparks across London with availability in real time. Make payment for the carpark via the Smartmove app.

Smart Pay

Our monthly contracts are as simple as a rolling phone contract with 3 simple subscriptions, plus hourly payments of only £0.99p.

Why drive a Smartcar?

Environmentally Friendly

Our Smart cars are low emission vehicles meaning they comply with London’s Ultra low emission standards. No more hefty fees or congestion charges.

Fuel Efficient

At around 67 miles per gallon you’ll get bang for your buck when filling up at the station. You can even squeeze almost 400 miles on a full tank!


Smart cars are built by luxury brand Mercedes-Benz so the quality is always good. Our cars feature all the modcons - bluetooth audio, advanced breaking, GPS, and sunroofs.

Size matters

We know smaller is better when zipping around the city. Smart cars have the smallest turning angle of any cars. Fitting into the smallest of car parks is now a breeze.

Smart options

Our cars are available in a choice of two and four seats giving you the flexibility whether you are getting from A to B with larger groups.

Join the Smart Club

Select a membership plan and go!

Pick a plan that suits your needs, whether it's to commute to work, visit friends, or picking up groceries.
You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. All plans include insurance and Congestion Charge too!
*Please note, unused hours cannot be carried over to the next month.

Interested in hearing more?

Make a SmartMove now, and sign up as an early user. We’ll be rewarding our first 500 users with 50% off their membership for the first 3 months.

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